Request to sit for Examination on Medical ground

Medical Submission

Should be submitted to the Department within 14 days of the examination date.
Medical Officer/Health Centre/Trincomalee Campus has to endorse the medical report received outside the Trincomalee Campus.
The request letter should be in the format of the template provided by the department.

Applying for Examination on Medical ground

As A Proper Candidate with immediate next Batch

Collect the decision of the request submitted by yourself on medical ground from the Faculty of Applied Science.
Attach the copy of the decision with the exam application form.
Read and fill the exam application form carefully with necessary information.
Submit the application from to the Department before the deadline.

Important Note: Exam application form submitted after the deadline is rejected, and students do not be notified.

As A repeat / re-repeat candidate

Receipt of the exam fee should be attached.
Page 2 of the application form should be carefully filled with necessary information.
If you are repeating as a medical submitted candidate, then attached the copy of the decision issued by FAS.

Note: Student who are sat three times as repeat candidate, (not including proper) have to request for the grace chance and get the approval of the Senate, before applying for the examination

Request Letter Template