Head’s Message

As the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, I am very happy to say few words regarding the current trend and the opportunities in the field of computer science.


The specialty of computer sciences keeps making continuous changes in the different aspects of life. The world has witnessed and keeps witnessing technological waves whose basis is research and applications of computer science; all of which has directly affected our daily lives. In recent years, many international universities have witnessed a noticeable increase in the rate of students’ demand on the specialty of computer science. This is only because young people are aware of the importance of this specialty, the employment opportunities it provides and its impact on society. 


With your Computer Science knowledge, you can, for example, create mobile sites and applications, analyse data and develop information, manage databases efficiently, ensure data integrity and confidentiality, and even study diseases and discover their relationship to drugs. All of this could happen while you’re eager to discover and learn a solution. Remember! Research is the turning point for all these. 

Mr.Subramaniam Thadchanamoorthy

Senior Lecturer Gr-II

MPhil in Computer Science[Colombo],
M.Sc in Computer Science[Colombo],
B.Sc (Elect. & Electronics Eng)[Peradeniya]

E-mail -: thadchanamoorthys@esn.ac.lk