About Us

The Department of Computer Science (DCS) was established in 2007 in the Faculty of Applied Science, Trincomalee campus, Eastern University. Since 2007 the DCS is offering a three-year degree programme named as Bachelor of Computer science for the students who are admitted directly by the UGC under the Computer Science stream.

Earlier the degree programme was named as Bachelor of Computer Science which is also equivalent to the SLQF level 5. The Senate of Eastern University, Sri Lanka, at its 343rd meeting held on 17.05.2023 recommended the name change as per the SLQF standard. In addition, the name of the degree programme is being mentioned as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in the UGC Admission Handbooks. This name shall be applicable from 2016/2017 academic batch onwards.


Formation of Highly Intellectual Capital to the Computer world.


Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Trincomalee Campus aims to provide highly marketable dynamic Computer Science Graduates through the suitable teaching and learning environments.