Year I Semester I
Course Code Course Title
CO 1121 Basic Mathematics for Computing
CO 1122 Basic Computer Programming
CO 1112 Practical work on CO 1122
CO 1123 Formal Methods for Problem Solving
CO 1124 Computer Systems & PC Applications
CO 1114 Practical work on CO 1124
CO 1125 Statistics for science and Technology
CO 1115 Practical work on CO1125
CO 1126 Management Information System
GEP-I General English Proficiency-I
Year I Semester II
Course Code Course Title
CO 1221 System Analysis & Design
CO 1222 Data Structures and Algorithms
CO 1212 Practical work on CO1222
CO 1223 Database Management System
CO 1213 Practical work on CO1223
CO 1224 Multimedia & Hypermedia Development
CO 1214 Practical work on CO1224
CO 1225 Computer Architecture
CO 1226 Social Harmony
Year II Semester I
Course Code Course Title
CO 2121 Advanced Mathematics for Computing
CO 2122 Operating Systems
CO 2112 Practical work on CO 2122
CO 2123 Software Engineering
CO 2124 Internet & Web Design
CO 2114 Practical work on CO 2124
CO 2125 Object Oriented Programming
CO 2115 Practical work on CO 2125
CO 2126 Sri Lankan Studies
GEP-III General English Proficiency-III
Year II Semester II
Course Code Course Title
CO 2221 Data Communication Systems
CO 2222 Visual System Development Tools
CO 2212 Practical work on CO2222
CO 2223 Computer Graphics
CO 2213 Practical work on CO2223
CO 2224 Human Computer Interaction
CO 2214 Practical work on CO2224
CO 2225 Software Management Tools
CO 2226 Automata Theory
Year III Semester I
Course Code Course Title
CS 3121 Logic Programming and Expert Systems
CS 3111 Practical Work on CS3121
CS 3122 Advanced Database Management Systems
CS 3112 Practical Work on CS3122
CS 3123 Systems & Network Administration
CS 3113 Practical Work on CS3123
CS 3124 Data Security
CS 3114 Practical Work on CS3124
CS 3135 Theory of Computing
Elective Courses* (1 of 3) – Non-Credit
EC 3101 Foundations of Management
EC 3102 Organizational Behaviour
EC 3103 Financial Accounting
Year III Semester II
Course Code Course Title
CS 3221 Assembly Language Programming
CS 3211 Practical work on CS3221
CS 3224 Computer Network
CS 3214 Practical work on CS3224
CS 3233 Professional Issues in IT
CS 3222 Software Quality Assurance
CS 3212 Practical work on CS 3222
CS 3235 Industrial Project